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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cleaning Up Our Waste by Making Household Cleaner

Some weeks back we made laundry detergent.  It was incredibly easy t o make, and ended up washing our clothes just as well as store bought detergent.  So we declared that experiment a success, and we are about due to make a second batch.

This weekend we were able to try out the household cleaner we whipped up about a month ago.   We ran across this idea on Pinterest - orange and vinegar based surface cleaner.   No icky chemicals, and something that is both easy and should work well, because of it's vinegar base.   I took my directions from a post on the blog Around the Supper Table.  Since I didn't have a big jar handy, I just used a jelly sized jar to try my first batch of cleaner.  It is really easy:

1.  Stuff orange peels into a jar
2. Pour white vinegar over the top
3.  Wait for at least two weeks to allow the orange essence to get into the vinegar.
4.  Pour into a spray bottle (I reused an old empty one) and use!

This could not have been easier, and it smells like orange - yum!  It cleaned up our counters quite nicely.  I have a new batch brewing already, I liked it that much.

So this little project will save me from tossing empty plastic bottles that were once filled with chemical based cleaners.  A win for us and our environment!